This will always happened on a venture capital company, we are aiming our return was more than any secure investment, that's why we had mentioned we had a high risk and high return to our investor.


    Every end of the year, our team will organize a meeting to review back the SEO company on this entire year. We will selected few company for the analysis, and review back that particular company history.


    We are not only looking on that seed stage company, we did go into those global brand company to do the review and analysis, make sure is worth for it for our investor.


    Our company main focus on UEA market, so we do had a section for the UEA 1st round review before go into the 2nd round and the final round review to make a the final judgement on this company.


    Who you choose as your investor matters. A lot. Below is a collection of stories – both current and previous portfolio companies – that will give you some insight into how we work and the teams we partner with.

    Some endings have already been written, and some are works in progress. But each story will give you a glimpse into the great people and ideas behind these companies, and show you how we roll up our sleeves to help, every day.


    Always think on why should i put the money on the slow and secure investment, what if i can duplicated this amount in just a short period of time, just might be face a little bit of the risk.


    We had a professional team that always liaise with our investor and customer to make sure we are always get in touch with the latest news update.


We are laser-focused on helping seed stage companies become the next big thing. By connecting entrepreneurs with the tech, resources and community they need on day 1, we aim to make a lasting impact.

We have invested in more than 200 companies over our 10 year history, and many of which have gone on to become leaders in their respective industries and have been fortunate to back some very big ideas. We pride ourselves on thinking differently: we back first-time entrepreneurs, and sixth-time entrepreneurs. We think no problem is too complicated, no subject too far afield, no challenge too great, no situation too complex. We value creativity and innovation, and applaud the individuals and teams who have a relentless desire to build companies that will redefine technology sectors, industries and the way we live. Browse through our companies – both present and past – for a sense of the markets we know best and the kinds of solutions we like to help build.


Our entire investment staff works together as a single, global unit to evaluate and support potential investments. Every portfolio company — before, during and after we invest — will work with a dedicated team with the most relevant experience; experts who know your market, technology and customer dynamics nearly as well as you do. With a short learning curve, we waste no time and can add immediate value to your business. Your team is available around the clock – not just at board meetings – to help build your business. And there are no boundaries: we can and will tap the resources, contacts and experience of the entire firm to help you build your idea into a category-defining company.

Lightning Fast

We offer direct market access using thorough dedicated, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections so that your trade is filled faster.

You’re going to love it

We’re fully committed to providing a system designed to deliver outstanding reliability.

Connect from Anywhere

If you’re able to connect to the Internet, then you’re able to connect to us – at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Exceptional Reliability

We relentlessly pursues our goal of 100 percent uptime – from the design and implementation of our systems.

Portfolio of Companies

At WWFcorp , we work with some of the world's most visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders to build truly transformational companies. our active portfolio includes more than 200 growing businesses in the technology sectors. we rank among the top firms in portfolio in Denmark every year, we have been involved in 43 IPOs and 69 acquisitions in the 10 years. Over the pass 10 year we manages $2.4 billion of capital and invests across early and early-growth stages.

In year 2005 we raised a $600 million venture fund, at the time the largest first-time fund for a new firm. 2010 we had make our 2nd raise for a $800 million fund to focus on investing in early growth technology companies such as Answers.com, Internet Brands, NextG Networks, and Tantalus. In the beginning of 2015, We had been decided to raise another $ 950 million to mainly focus on investing in early growth financial industries such as Xforex, FXABS, XTraders, FX Primus etc, because we believe finance will be the largest growing industries in the next 5 years.

Our Community


21,500 job positions are available for hire in one of the world's best investment corporations

Product Designer$55k - $110k . 0.1 - 0.5%

Full Time . San Francisco . UI/UX Designer . Web Design . Graphic Design . Branding . User Experience Design . HTML . CSS . jQuery . Design . Website Development/Design . User Interface Design

Lead Developer$90k - $135k . 0.25 - 1.5%

Full Time . San Francisco . Software Engineer . Python . Javascript . HTML . CSS . jQuery . Django . Front-End Development . PostgreSQL . Backend Development

Front End Developer$70k - $120k . 0.2 - 1.0%

Full Time . San Francisco . Software Engineer . Python . Javascript . HTML . CSS . jQuery . Django . User Interface Design . python/django

Product Lead$75k - $120k . 0.15 - 0.5%

Full Time . San Francisco . Product Manager . User Experience Design . Product Management . Marketplaces . Product Development . User Research . User Interface . Product

Product Marketing$55k - $110k . 0.1 - 0.5%

Full Time . San Francisco . Product Manager . Marketing . Branding . Social Media . Product Marketing . Social Strategy . Social Media Marketing . Community Management . Community Building . Community Engagement

Lead Growth Marketer$55k - $110k . 0.1 - 0.5%

Full Time . San Francisco . Marketing . SEO/SEM . Social Media Marketing . Lean Startups . Search Engine Marketing (SEM) . Sales and Marketing . Innovation & Growth . Content Marketing . Revenue Growth . Growth Strategy and Execution . Growth

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